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DMV-Licensed Course (Lic. No. TVS 0138)

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California Online Traffic School Saves Time and Money

Fix your ticket and keep your insurance rates low through our partner site I Drive Safely, a DMV-licensed California online traffic school (TVS #0138). Our course gives you the freedom to fulfill your traffic school requirement on your schedule. Get started right now!

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I Drive Safely is the original preferred traffic school of California. Take our DMV-licensed course to mask a violation and avoid getting points on your driving record.

  • DMV-licensed course (Lic. No. TVS 0138)
  • Ticket dismissal in California
  • Course completion information sent to DMV for free

Court-approved California online traffic school is the hassle-free solution for your traffic ticket! Sign up now and start right away.

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I Drive Safely online traffic school is designed for your convenience. Log in and out whenever you want-we'll save your place. Access to the California online traffic school course is available 24/7 so you can go at your own pace.

  • Interactive online course with 24/7 accessibility
  • Automatic progress tracking so your place is saved
  • Online final test included in the course
  • Free notification of the DMV when you pass

Save your weekend with California traffic school. It's the fast and flexible way to keep your driving record clean!

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Once you pass the final test online, you’re done! We’ll take care of the rest by electronically sending your course completion information to the DMV to be accessed by the court. Take California traffic school with us to fix your traffic ticket and prevent your insurance rates from going up.

Course and Eligibility Information

Eligibility Requirements

The only person who should participate in this California traffic school course is the defendant granted permission by the court.

Remember the information you use to enroll, since it will be used again to verify your identity. You will be periodically asked about:

  • Information from your Student Application Form
  • Traffic safety questions directly from the course

Additional random validations of your identity may be required during the course, to meet security requirements. Making false claims about your registration for this course, or your participation in it, constitutes filing false documents with the court and committing perjury under sections 118-129 of the California Penal Code.

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Course and Completion Information

The court must receive your completion information before they will mask a violation on your driving record. The court will receive the completion information from the DMV.

You must complete the following steps before I Drive Safely will submit your completion information to the DMV.

  • Pay for the course
  • Complete the course
  • Pass the final exam
  • Fill out the course evaluation form

Once you have completed these steps, I Drive Safely will electronically submit your completion information to the DMV the next business day. The court will then access that information. You will also receive a proof of completion free of charge.

Please finish the course a few days before your expiration date, to allow the court and DMV time to process and access your completion information.

I Drive Safely is not responsible for notifying you of required court appearances or any fees imposed by the court or your insurance company.

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